Trials of Mana BRING ARTS™ Square Enix Action Figure KEVIN & CHARLOTTE

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Trials of Mana BRING ARTS™ Action Figure KEVIN & CHARLOTTE
From Trials of Mana, the action RPG masterpiece that was first released in 1995 and reimagined during its 25th anniversary this year as a full remake, arrive Kevin, the prince of the Kingdom of Ferolia and Charlotte, the granddaughter of Wendel’s Priest of Light, arrive together from Trials of Mana to join BRING ARTS as a set!
Each comes with their respective weapons, including the Skullslicer and Morning Star. They also come with a plentiful array of interchangeable hand and head parts with a rich variety of expressions. Additionally, Charlotte’s weapon can be equipped to her back with the special display parts. The unique costumes have been recreated impressively through the carefully finished molding, with many striking details!
Figures include display stands.
PVC Action Figure
Specification: Kevin: W 2.79" x D 2.02" x H 6.19” / W 7.08cm × D 5.14cm × H 15.71cmCharlotte: W 3.07" x D 2.67" x H 4.31” / W 7.86cm × D 6.79cm × H 10.96cm
Item Code: SQ35329
Trials of Mana
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Updated Release Date: 2022-10 (Delayed due to GSC supply chain issues)
Release Date: 2021-04
Pre-Order Deadline: 2020-10-21

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