To LOVEru DARKNESS Hobby JAPAN Yui Kotegawa

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'The third item of AMAKUNI " To LOVEru DARKNESS" series is “Yui Kotegawa”!
A three-dimensional series with a cover illustration of "Harem Gold" art collection wearing sexy Arabian costumes as a motif.
Carefully molded her shameless body such as beautiful legs, healthy stomach, chest where eyes turn right.
Ashamed but facial expression looking pretty is a figure that you can fully enjoy the charm of Yui Kotegawa.
Of course, the skin is "smooth skin". Please feel the "smooth skin" that feels softness by all means.
1/7 scale 23 cm
Item Code: SP352
© Kentaro Yabuki,Saki Hasemi/SHUEISHA,Toloveru darkness Project

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