The Seven Deadly Sins -A New Translaion- HOBBY JAPAN Uriel(from The Seven Heavenly Virtues:Patience)

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Dear Savior Messiah candidates!

Angel statue "Uriel - from The Seven Heavenly Virtues: patience", which is responsible for perseverance, will appear on the ground this time.

There is no doubt that the beauty of plump breasts and full-blown buttocks precisely reproduced by the famous sculptor, Tanaka Masanori (Jetstream)'s extremely skill!

The appendage, the feather part of the wrist was a clear part, and the net tights part was sticking to the material feeling such as using the fabric!

Only the candidate of the savior can see the real appearance of Uriel's secret in this angel statue!

Everyone who is the Messiah candidate of the whole world! Please do not miss this opportunity!

Sculpted by Tanaka Masanori(Jet stream)
25 cm  1/8scale
Item Code: SP357
The Seven Deadly Sins

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