The Seven Deadly Sins -A New Translaion- HOBBY JAPAN Raphael(from The Seven Heavenly Virtues:Temperance)


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International Limited version / with Silky touch big poster (100cm x 70cm)

'New Figure variation against "Seven Deadly Sins", it is "The Heavenly Virtues".

"Raphael ( as The statue of Temperance) " is the second figure from new line, its perfect body is heavenly.

She shows off her abundant body wearing gorgeous costume on “low calorie sweets”. It is not too much to say that this is the realization of the spirit of Temperance indeed.

It is adopted cast-off spec. Please do not miss it and complete this new series!!

International Limited version will bundle "Original illustrated big poster : silky touch, 100cm x 70cm",

And it will not bundle the limited gift of Japanese Limited Version!

Using "MicroUSB" to be plug in, the base will be lighted. (Lightning and Type-C USB not allowed)

Sculpted by Hiroshi (sakura zensen)
20cm  1/8scale
Item Code: SP334
The Seven Deadly Sins

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