The Eccentric Family 2 GOOD SMILE COMPANY The Eccentric Family 2 Collectible Figure (Set of 5 Characters)

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(Set of 5 Characters)
"An interesting thing is a good thing!"
From the anime series The Eccentric Family 2 comes a set of the mascots of the Shimogamo brothers that will also help out around your desk!! The set includes 5 different items including a Yaichiro paperclip holder, a Yajiro item tray, a Yasaburo pen stand, a Yasaburo hanging mascot as well as a Yashiro smartphone stand. Collect them all and show off the eccentric family on your desk!
Painted non-scale ABS/PVC collectible figures. Each Approximately 50mm in height. Total of five to collect.
Item Code : G44660
The Eccentric Family 2
© 森見登美彦・幻冬舎/「有頂天家族2」製作委員会

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