SYOKON-KI Mecha Pig GUAN YU ×RAIJIN Light armor Japan Version Model Kit

SYOKON-KI Mecha Pig GUAN YU ×RAIJIN Light armor Japan Version Model Kit
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SYOKONKI is a series of mecha and girl plastic kits with a bold modern arrangement based on the
motif of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms and the monsters.

"Light armor version" with the main body and weapons for more casual users The hero of
the Three Kingdoms and the legendary beast that has been handed down in China is
recreated with modern arrangement as the mech and the girl plastic model kit "Shokonki"
series! "Guan Yu" and "Raijin"is the second product of the series.
As the already released "Zhao Yun", the heroic general "Guan Yu" who is one of the Five
Tiger Generals of Shu and is the most popular in the saga of Three Kingdoms.
Her partner "Raijin" is a dragon-god that appears in a book"Classic of Mountains and Sea"
handed down from ancient China.

The light armor version is a set of her main body and weapon.
Each face expression is created by the pad printing. This full-scale color coded 1/10 model
kit can be assembled without adhesive.
Special perks for JP and Worldwide Version.
●Japanese and English package and assemble instrucHon.
●Original Japanese illustraHon by Illustrator Hazuki Natsu.
●Exclusive decals for the eye expression.
Eyes deacals drawen by Illustrator Hazuki Natsu who also drawn the illustration of Guan yu
for Japanese version kit.
Product Material PS, ABS, POM, PVC
Item Code MG-02ST

Release Date: 2022-08
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-02-15
  • UPC: 4570040950079

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