Sword Art Online -Fairy Dance- Kotobukiya Leafa Ani Statue 1/8 (Re-production)

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Popular anime "Sword Art Online", Leafa sister of protagonist Kirito, the heroine of Fairy Dance Hen, has emerged as 1/8 figure.
It becomes three-dimensional in the wind fairy costume group that appeared in the play VRMMORPG to "Aruvuheimu Online" of (Sylph). While I feel the tranquility like you're taking the rest of the temporary after the flight over the long term, pose at rest on trees, we also combines dynamism, such as fly to the sky again in the next moment. The hem of clothes and hair fluttering upward, feeling fluffy will. Through the use of clear plastic, water-based and feather will finish with a sense of transparency. And ivy wound around the tree, leaves attached to the ivy also has been finely shaped.
Sword Art Online
© 2014 川原 礫/KADOKAWA アスキー・メディアワークス刊/SA Project

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