Super Robot Wars OG SEN-TI-NEL RIOBOT Brave Raideen Gold ver.

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My Kishin Ken… is invincible!
The Crimson Shura God dances wild!
From "Super Robot Wars OG,"" Folka Albark's Shura God "IALDABAOTH" joins the RIOBOT series line!
All of IALDABAOTH's charm points, from its aggressive and strong shape to the distinctive "Machine Hair," are perfectly recreated!
The crimson armors and "Machine Hair" are painted in metallic red and pearl respectively, portraying IALDABAOTH's mystic yet powerful image.
With its wide range of motion and fully articulated hand parts, various action poses from the game can be recreated with ease.
The articulation gimmick equipped in the "Machine Hair" also adds a powerful image to the poses!
Switch its hand parts to recreate "Goha Kishin Ken,"" the fatal blow skill!
Join up with "RIOBOT BYLEFOL" (to be sold separately) to recreate the duel of fate between the two rival mechs!
Item no. : 20200504G
Robot / Figurine Size : Approx. 180mm
Material : ABS, POM, PA, ATBC-PVC, Die-cast
Accessories : Base figure, God Gorgon, God Arrow, God Breaker (God Block unfolded), God Voice, Drill, Wing parts, Battlecry Face, Fists (LR), Open hands (LR), hands for holding God Gorgon (LR), display stand.
Packing size : W325 x H265 x D95 mm
Packing weight : 500g
Package per carton : 12 pcs / ctn
Super Robot Wars OG RIOBOT Brave Raideen Gold ver.
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Release Date: 2023-06
Pre-Order Deadline: 2023-01-30

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