Shimada Fumikane Original Bunnygirl FREEing Veronica

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Shimada Fumikane's Original Design, "Veronica" has arrived!

Character Designer/Illustrator Shimada Fumikane's originally designed bunnygirl, "Veronica," has arrived as a part of the B-style series!

Rather than the typical bunnygirl appearance, she features a military-style outfit and equipment, sculpted faithfully to match the original illustration. Designed with a collar, her bunny suit features a leather-like, slightly glossy appearance. The hip pouches, thigh holster and PPK Handgun in her left hand are all specially made and brought to life in this 1/4 scale figure.

An original character from the one-of-a-kind Shimada Fumikane, brought into figure-form with volume and detail unique to the B-style series.
Painted 1/4th scale PVC product. Approximately 350mm in height.
Item Code :F29817
Shimada Fumikane Original Bunnygirl
© 島田フミカネ

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