Satsuki Amamiya Skytube illustration by Kurehito Misaki

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From the popular illustrator of Kurehito Misaki drawing "Comic Aki" is the cover illustration,

A young girl in the form of a yukata Satsuki Amamiya becomes three dimensional!

Beautiful moist, beautiful moon of the moon which took off various skin as it is put on by the festival's enthusiasm

I reproduced the original illustration.

Exposed parts of figure original, including chocolate banana parts, original of illustration mouth

It is full of summer festival-like items such as soup with water.

You can also change Japanese footprints of a Japanese patterned purple blue yukata, barefoot is also a dazzling one foot skin kick Ver.

Please come and enjoy the appearance of Satsuki Amamiya.

Scupltor: HIRO

PVC 1/6 scale 27 cm

Item Code: AX-1068
 ©  深崎暮人/ヒット出版社

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