Queen's Blade: Beautiful Fighters Genco Beautiful Fighters Alleyne Beaten completely by soft figure in beautiful fighters’ swimsuit Ultra-Edition

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Combat instructor Allayne of the top popularity has Re-Appeared with new color from the animation film, "Queen's Blade Beautiful fighters" by Genco!!
From the animation film "Queen's Blade Beautiful fighters" which is the marquee content on Hobby Japan magazine “Queens Blade”, combat instructor Allayne of the top popularity has Re-Appeared with new color by Genco!  It is solidified with “Swimsuit of Leaves” which has depicted as DVD privilege and remarked from various fields, gets suntanned compare with original version and color of her swimsuit is changed to muted brown. As original version, soft material is used for boobs so you can enjoy its enraptured feeling, also you can put rather than only weapon, but some other various items to the gap of boobs since her expressions and poses are from “Completely beaten” which is as Vanquish de Queens.

Above and beyond, 2 stretchable swimsuits of silicon named “Holy V swimsuit” and “Turtleneck of Little Fiend” are belongs to this “Ultra-version”!! Combat Instructor will become brand-new after putting off her swimsuit of leaves then changes to stretchable swimsuit. You can pay all your respects at her holy body or enjoy seducement by the charm of little fiend as you felt then. The collaboration between soft boobs and stretchable swimsuit should be experienced by you throughout your life.
Scale of her is 1/6 so you can enjoy as much as you want. Interposing your favorite pen is a luxury pen stand you can be motivated. Using it as earphone holder, over-entwining is counterproductive for you!? Various play style of this figure is to feel intensely excitement by this version also.

Product material:PVC, ABS, SBS ・ Scale:1/6 ・ Size Height:about 17cm (except weapons)
Item Code : GE95071
Queen's Blade: Beautiful Fighters

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