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Common body frames with both high mobility with a sharp appearance.
PLUM's original 'Plastic Action Kit' series - PLA-ACT!
PLA-ACT is a new plastic kit series brought to you by PLUM. The base
frame of each PLA-ACT body has been designed to be highly articulated
and easily movable. These bodies then allow you to attach various
different armor onto the exterior of the frame, creating a unique
model filled with personality! The idea of this 'Plastic Action Kit'
was shortened to 'PLA-ACT' as the new series title.
The character designs for each figure are also all completely
original, allowing for a unique design that also ensures that the
armor does not get in the way of articulation. This allows you to pose
the assembled products in various action poses even with all the armor
parts attached to the frame.
PLUM's latest innovation has three main themes - they are highly
articulated, make use of a common frame and have a unique
characteristic style.
We hope you'll enjoy and look forward to more PLA-ACT products in the future!
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