Oreimo 2 GRIFFON ENTERPRISES Kirino Kousaka~Nekomimi swimsuit ver.~(yawaraka bust edition)

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As you may know, these products were released couple of years ago and
we have decided to re-release them under "Grand Toys" brand this time due to their continuous popularity in the market.
Standing with having "nekomimi" (cat like ears) and wearing poppy pink&white stripe colored bikini will arouse fans' "MOE" feelings!
She is 3D modeled into 1/2.5 scale/70cm in height in her cute bikini with the gesture trying to hold her loosening bikini.
Kirino's smiling face is very charming with her large emerald green colored eyes and her double tooth.
Light brown long hair is carefully sculpted to express the hair's lively movement with volume.
Body line and her shapely legs were carefully sculpted especially with the fact that she is in her bikini.
We hope that you could consider this witty and beautiful otaku girl "Kirino Kousaka" in a large scale size for your collection.

Height: approximately 70cm
Item Code: SF04
Oreimo 2

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