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“Yuzuruha” is the 3rd figure by Amakuni from the extreme popular video game “Oboromuramasa” A Fushimi fox and servant of Lord Inari, who aids the swordsmith, Muramasa. In order to help Muramasa’s wish achieved, she left the cursed blade in Kisuke’s hands while accompanying him through his journey.
This figure kept on being particular about realization of very seductive situation wearing a Japanese towel in the body!
An elegant and voluptuous body, a Japanese towel get wet and stick to the bare skin.
New manufacturing method "Smooth Skin", developed by Amakuni, will realize the skin to new "SILKY" touch. It's like human skin! Please buy, see, touch and feel it!

1/7scale 18cm
Item Code: SP285
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