NEKOPARA BINDing Vanilla - Bunny Suit Ver.

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Well, Master. How do we look in these bunny suits?
With the visual novel "Nekopara Vol. 4: Neko to Patissier no Noel" releasing in November, the Nekopara universe continues to expand.
And here we present the catgirl Vanilla - who's both a main attraction at La Soleil and a prominent character throughout the series - dressed up in a bunny-style outfit like you've never seen before!
Both the costume and illustration are complete originals, from the creator of the series, Sayori.
A complete departure from the frilly La Soleil uniform, her tight body is clearly defined, and the bodysuit brings out an all new side of her charm.
We'll hope you'll invite this grown-up style Vanilla to stand by your side. 
PVC, ABS; fully painted and assembled
1/4 Scale Total Height: 425mm
Item Code : BG60058
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Release Date: 2021-10
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-01-07

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