Muv-Luv Alternative FREEing Sumika Kagami: Bunny Ver.

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Sumika Kagami is prepared to join your collection in bunny form!
Presenting a long-awaited bunny version scale figure of Sumika Kagami in celebration of Muv-Luv Alternative's 15th Anniversary! Sumika's bunny costume features a special charm to it not found in day-to-day life. Both cute and sexy elements are combined to create this lovely figure! The large size 1/4th scale figure features real net tights, making for a figure that is just as fun to feel as it is to look at. Be sure to add her to your collection, and don't forget to pair her with Meiya Mitsurugi: Bunny Ver. so you can spend future anniversaries with them together!
Painted 1/4th scale PVC figure with stand included. Approximately 420mm in height.
Item Code : F51026
Muv-Luv Alternative
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Updated Release Date: 2022-08
Release Date: 2022-01
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-06-13

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