565 METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN Nendoroid Venom Snake: Sneaking Suit Ver.

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From the latest hit addition to the METAL GEAR series, 'METAL GEAR
SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN' comes a Nendoroid of Venom Snake! The
Nendoroid is fully articulated allowing for all sorts of different
action poses from the game - even the little ponytail on his back is
fitted with a joint!
Optional parts include both his hand gun and assault rifle with their
new designs, as well as three myoelectric arm prosthetics used in the
game - the bionic arm, stun arm and blast arm are all included for all
sorts of options! He also comes with his 'Phantom Cigar', a Nendoroid
cardboard box and the iDROID displaying a map hologram for Snake to
see where to head next! A Fulton balloon is also included allowing you
to 'recover' other Nendoroids - Solid Snake, Raiden or any other
Nendoroid! Bring out the METAL GEAR universe with Venom Snake and all
sorts of optional parts!
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