MechatroWeGo Sentinel 35MechatroWeGo Sora

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The next  release from the 35 MechatroWeGo will be the Sky color version!
The Sora (Sky)  color is expressed with the using of the clolor light blue. The glossy but easy on the eyes finish will be eye catching!
This toy will include die cast parts with numerous points of articulation.
Also the outer frame parts are removable and can be exchanged with parts from other types to build your own WeGo.
Will come with a clear material case that will allow you to stack and display your WeGo's making them great to collect.      
[Mechatoro WeGo Special Website] Introducing the world of WeGo as well as new gimmicks and campaigns.
[Moderhythm] The website for all works by the creator of the Mechatoro WeGo Kazushi Kobayash (Moderhythm)
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