Mashin Hero Wataru SENTINEL METAMOR-FORCE Ryuoumaru

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"Celebration! 30th Anniversary! New Ryuoumaru is revived by modern skills!
From Sentinel's ""METAMOR-FORCE"" series, Ryuoumaru appears!
By adding mould details and painting with different colours, an original interpretation of this product is created!
Looking sharp while maintaining the voluminous feeling seen in the main story, Ryuoumaru of a new era is completed!
Besides full body articulation and transformation to pheonix form, it also comes with weightiness due to use of die-cast and LED light-up gimmick in the head for superb play value.
Houryuuken, Ryuou shield"
ABS, PA, POM, Diecast
Appx 115mm
Item no. 20180801
Mashin Hero Wataru

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