Mashin Hero Wataru SENTINEL 4inch-nel Ikusabe Wataru

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"fun and cool" Wataru joins 4inch-nel!
Ikusabe Wataru from "Mashin Hero Wataru" will appear in "4inch-nel", a series that combines an approximately 10cm tall body with articulation gimmicks. Scenes from the play can be revived completely!
Further more, a supreme Wataru figure which is just right for celebrating the 30th anniversary is born by the most abundant optional parts in the series' history!
Please fully appreciate Sentinel's "Wataru love"!
The product is an ambitious work that challenges the limit to secure maximum range of articulation while hiding the joint gap during movement.
Hero's Sword, King's Sword, Ryuou Sword, Roller Skate x2, Face part x2, Open hand x2, Sword holding hand x2, Hentama holding hand (R), Senko no Udewa equipped arm (L), display stand"
Appx 105mm
Item no. 20180901
Mashin Hero Wataru

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