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Using the attached attachment, you can reproduce the scenes that you often see in animals, games, manga, etc. like throwing a weapon like a knife or shuriken.
You can enjoy battle scenes easily by installing hooks and attachments on colorless clear molded playing rails and floating weapons units and governor of Hexagia.

Product specifications
■ Since the base is flexible movable, the playing rail with high degree of freedom is possible.
■ Each part becomes colorless transparent molding.
■ The main arm tip adopts a spring & ratchet mechanism to improve holding force & ease of playing.
■ The height of the main / sub arm can be changed. It can be fixed to the side hex hole through the lock part.
Furthermore, lock part A has a hole of 3 mm in diameter at both ends, and lock part B has a shaft of 5 mm in diameter so that various parts can be mounted.
■ Since four types of attachments are prepared, it is possible to use them appropriately according to the application.

■ Base body × 1
■ Playing rail × 2
■ Main arm (spring & ratchet built-in) × 1
■ Sub arm × 1
■ Lock parts A × 4
■ Rock parts B × 4
■ Hook for rail × 6
■ Attachment A × 6
■ Attachment B × 6
■ Attachment C × 6
■ Attachment D × 6
Frame Arms Girl Models sold separately.
142 mm 5.59 in
Item Code: MB51

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