M.S.G Modeling Support Goods Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base RENEWAL Ver. TYPE-A

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With 3 mm holes in various places, it is easy to combine with "Frame Arms", "Frame Arms · Girl", "MSG" etc, and it can be easily produced as a display base for bases and hangars.
By using the new modeled "truss connecting parts", it is now possible to connect truss like frames up and down.
By combining with "Mechanical chain base R <B>" sold separately, expansion is possible indefinitely.
※ This product is the "renewal commodity" which changed attached contents of the "Mechanical chain base 007 ~ 010" which was released in the past, the number of enclosures.

■ Because it has many 3 mm holes on the wall surface, it can be combined with various items.
And when combined with MSG's popular item "Mechanical Supply Series" and "Weapon Unit" etc., a wider range of enjoyment becomes possible.
■ By using the new shaped "truss connecting parts", truss-like frames are connected up and down.
Even if the ceiling part is further extended by this, it can support the truss like frame stably.

■ Wall Parts × 2
■ Wall Connecting Parts 2 sets
■ Floor Parts × 2
■ Truss-like Frame × 4
■ Truss Connected Parts × 2
■ Large Catwalk × 2
■ General-Purpose Connecting Parts 1 Set
Item Code : MB43

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