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Armed transport vehicles appeared in the MSG Gigantic Arms series.
The back "Container unit" is equipped with opening gimmick and a recombination gimmick by 3mm joint of each part.
Interlocking beyond the series is possible with a connector compatible with Hexagia.

You can enjoy it as a large battle mechatronic form "armed breaker" by the gigantic combination (coalescence) with "Gigantic Arms 06 Rapid Rider" simultaneous release.

■ The back container unit can be opened and closed. You can enjoy various kinds of recombination using 3mm joints of each part and hexagram connector, etc. It can also be used as armor of other series by disassembling.
■ Sub-arms used for containers use PC parts for each part, open and close containers You can also use it as a frame of frame arm and Hexagia other than gimmicks.
■ The heavy machine gun mounted on the sensor pod can be removed and used as a weapon for frame arm and frame arm girl. You can enjoy various poses by deploying bipod.
■ Since the attachment which can extend the floor board and the top board of the container unit in the front, rear, right and left is attached, it can connect and spread like a base and can play.
■ Because it comes with a handle and step parts, it is also possible to have a frame arm girl on board.
■ You can enjoy it as a large battle mechatronic form "armed breaker" by a gigantic combination (simultaneous release) with "Gigantic Arms 06 Rapid Rider" simultaneous release.

■ Convert Carrier Main Unit × 1
■ Container Unit × 1 (The Container Unit will be the same molded color as Convert Carrier Single Item ) ■ Heavy
Machine Gun × 2
■ Floor
Board Connecting Part × 4 ■ Top Board Connecting Unit × 2
■ Marking Decal × 1
Item Code : GT005

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