Ludens SENTINEL Action Figure

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1/6 scale action figure of Ludens wears an EVA (extra-vehicular activity) Creative Suit that consists of mixed materials including ABS, PVC and real cloth. Painstaking attention to detail has been paid to the markings on the suit to improve the overall realism of the final product.
LED lights built into the helmet lets you to recreate the iconic look of Ludens in his debut scene from the short promotional movie produced by Kojima Productions.
The figure features an incredible 46 points of articulation with built-in points of articulation on the inner frame including several clicking joints. The newly developed inner frame allows this figure to have a massive silhouette without sacrificing any articulation.
Parts Included: Smoke Visor, Hand parts x 3sets, Lance, Beam Flag
1/6 31 cm
Main body only
Item Code: 20180204

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