LA074 LittleArmory TOMYTEC Revolver Set A

LA074 LittleArmory TOMYTEC Revolver Set A

  • LA074 LittleArmory TOMYTEC Revolver Set A
  • LA074 LittleArmory TOMYTEC Revolver Set A
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--The Colt Python is a revolver that appeared in 1955 and is capable of firing powerful .357 Magnum bullets.
――It was developed with the aim of being a [superlative target revolver], and has specifications suitable for a high-end revolver, such as manual adjustment and beautiful surface finish.
――It is a pistol that is often seen in entertainment works as well.
--The Colt Detective Special is a small pistol that is said to have made more than 400,000 pistols for a long time from 1927 to 1985. A short barrel suitable for concealed carry, belonging to the snab nose revolver.
――It is said that it was used for self-defense and backup of detectives and detectives, and was also used as a police pistol in Japan in parallel with the New Nambu era, and also as a pistol for drug control officers of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
――This kit is a set of 10 pieces that reproduces the two models in detail according to size and form.
--Cylinder can be selected from swing-out form.
-Reproduce the ups and downs of the hammer.
-With a holster that can reproduce the stored state.
-A speed loader and ammunition parts are also included.
--With a rubber band for the belt.
[set content]
--Python 2.5 inch (hammer up / down) x 1 each
--Python 4 inch (hammer up / down) x 1 each
--Python 6 inch (hammer up / down) x 1 each
--Holster storage python x 1
--Three holsters for python
--Pyson cylinder (open / closed) x 4 each
--Detective SP (hammer raising / defeating) x 1 each
--Detective SP for holster storage x 1
--Holster for Detective SP x 1
--Detective SP cylinder (open / closed) x 1
--Rubber belt x 2
--.375 Magnum bullet x 6.357 Empty cartridge case x 6.
--.38 SP bullet x 6.38 SP empty cartridge case x 6
--357 Magnum / .38 SP loader x 1

-Not only the pistol body, but also a holster, magnum bullet, loader, etc. are included
--Single action and double action states can be reproduced
-Swing out state can be reproduced by selecting parts
* Recommended use of adhesive for plastic models
* Figures are not included in the product.
* The image is an example of a combination with figma Teruyasu.
* The figma is sold by Good Smile Company, Inc.

Release Date: 2022-04
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-08-22
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