Kurokuzuhara Rabbit Saki illustration by Michiking Skytube Tsuzuhara Usaki

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From the cover illustration of "Comic Grape Vol.61" drawn by Michiking, "Kuro Kuzuhara Rabbit Saki" appears as a 1/6 scale figure.

The moment of transformation from a uniform to a bunny girl has been reproduced with beautiful illustrations.

The bunny suit and shoes with beautiful luster, the skirt that is about to be taken off, etc. are carefully modeled in every detail.

In addition, different facial parts are included, and the bunny suit in the middle of changing clothes can be cast off.

Please welcome "Kurokuzuhara Rabbit Saki" to your hands!

Model Number AX-1115
cartons: 6 pieces
Kurokuzuhara Rabbit Saki illustration by Michiking
️Michiking / GOT

Updated Release Date: 2023-11
Release Date: 2023-06
Pre-Order Deadline: 2022-08-08

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