Kin-iro Mosaic Pretty Days Genco Kin-iro mosaic Pretty Days KAREN KUJO Pop'n Cheergirl Ver.

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KAREN KUJO's "Pop'n Cheerleader Figure" from "Kin-iro mosaic Pretty Days" will come on 2018 summer!! She pops up from cracker and cheers you day after day!
"Kin-iro mosaic" which is being serialized in "Manga Time Kirara MAX"of Houbunsha is a great landmark in Japanese easygoing animation field. From these personages in this animation, 1/7 scaled figure of British blonde bombshell “KAREN KUJO” has determined to launch on 2018 fall!
"What's happening?", you may have big surprise from her shocking decorated master cast picture. Spectacular solid figure of KAREN flying out from cracker of Union Jack pattern and wearing cheerleader's costume with ribbons, hearts and stars creates pop'n and joyful surroundings.
Her attraction has completely supervised and authorized by Genco who has been producing all works and products of "KIN MOSA". Mater model has molded by 3D digital polygon using Japanese top technology so her new figure is so chivalrous seemed to start moving just now, however it reproduces her easygoing aura perfectly notwithstanding some other 3D digital polygon molding have rigid feel.
KAREN wearing cheerleader's costume and flying out from cracker cheers you with a big smile every day! And you pulsated with excitement by her bellybutton and soft fair skin. You can become more cheerful by her.
It will be launched on October 2018 and booking will be started shortly. Invite her to your room and enjoy her joyful cheering day after day.
Scale 1/7 Size Height about 230mm PVC, ABS
Item Code : GE95083
Kin-iro Mosaic Pretty Days
© Yui Hara・HOUBUNSHA/kin-iro mosaic Pretty Days Project

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