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From the popular browser game  'Kantai Collection -KanColle-' comes a 1/8th scale figure of the fourth Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer, Yuudachi
Kai Ni! The figure has been designed to be displayed in combat with
the previously released Shigure Kai Ni, and is based on an original
illustration by kujouitiso specially drawn for the figure. The dynamic
pose of the figure is made even more fascinating by the effect parts
that swirl around her.
She holds torpedoes in one hand to show she is in mid-combat, yet the
expression on her face captures her determined personality even in the
heat of battle. The ship parts have also been intricately sculpted,
and the turrets as well as the torpedo launchers on her legs are of
course fitted with joints to add slightly different nuances when
displaying her! The ship parts are also sculpted to look physically
heavy to contrast against Yuudachi's soft looking skin and create a
figure that fans will be proud to gaze at for years to come!
Item code:  G44269
Kantai Collection -KanColle-

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