Kaiyodo Vespa mandarinia(re-run)

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 The third ultra-realistic arthropod figure.
Every part is articulated, from the antennae to the stinger.
Articulated mandibles and mouth parts have been faithfully recreated. The large compound eyes are made of transparent material to enhance the vibrant coloration.
The abdomen is also posable, and the body can be bent forward into an aggressive pose.
The wasp's greatest weapon, its venomous stinger, can be retracted without replacing any parts.
Wings are folded in its default pose, but can be replaced to recreate in-flight poses.
Legs come equipped with joints for recreating various poses.
Leg joints can be replaced with a fixed joint for better displayability.
Includes a Display base, allowing you to choose between two types of GEO arms to securely display in both default and in-flight poses.

Great Hornet (Scientific Name: Vespa mandarinia)
Wasps are home mainly in East Asia, and the Giant Hornet is among the largest of all.
Attributed by its large size, high toxicity, and tendency to swarm, it is one of the most dangerous insects in the world. The wasp's venomous stinger, strong body, and crushing jaws make it a deadly hunter, capable of single-handedly taking down mantises.
Unlike the Yellow Hornet, which nests in human housing, the Giant Hornet often nests in soil including the base of forest trees. Their lifespan is one season.
New queens tend to become agitable in fall and may attack creatures that are passing by the nest without warning.

・About Ribogeo
Ribogeo is the new Revoltech figure series from Kaiyodo.
From KAIYODO comes the Revoltech action figure series, which utilizes the unique observation skills of the sculptors to create vibrantly life-like figures.
Now making its debut is the Revoltech series of articulated organism figures utilizing the Revolver joints.
Starting with arthropods such as insects, crustaceans, and dinosaur skeletons, the lineup will tickle the intellectual curiosity of science lovers.
All figures are based on earthly life forms.
This ultimate collection of articulated creatures created by chief sculptor Shinobu Matsumura will be displayed in a "three-dimensional space-time defying encyclopedia."

Pre-painted PVC and ABS. Length: Approx 180 mm.
25 articulated parts.
Option parts:
Transparent display base *GEO arm + GEO arm (short)
4mm joint (fixed) x 6 pcs
Wings (in-flight)
Item Code : KD17006
Vespa mandarinia
Release Date: 2021-11
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-06-15

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