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 Cocoa from Is the order a rabbit?? is added to the lineup!
A chair, coffee cup, coffee pot and milk pot are all included, so you can enjoy a coffee break with her.
*Including below
Body ・Hand (3 types of replacements) ・Hair parts ・Facial parts ・Scary face parts ・Doll eyes・ sparkling doll's eye, chair, coffee cup, coffee pot, milk pot・ costume・ Underwear *Tights are glued to the lower half of the body.

・Cute deformed Rabbit House uniforms! Cocoa is also wearing tights
・The ribbon can be untied, so please adjust it to your liking.
・The coffee cup, coffee pot and milk pot are also cute and deformed. She might even make you a nice cup of coffee!
・The cocoa set comes with a chair! When combined with the chino (sold separately) counter, a little Rabbit House opens up!
・There are two kinds of faces, a straight face and a startled face! The doll eye also comes in two types, a regular eye and a glittery eye! Enjoy combining them as you wish!
ATBC-PVC・ABS  Painted figure model ・non scale ・display base attached・Height:10cm
Item Code : AO10804
Is the order a rabbit??
© Koi・芳文社/ご注文は製作委員会ですか??
Updated Release Date: 2021-11
Pre-Order Deadline: 2020-12-09

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