Infinite Stratos FREEing Laura Bodewig: Bunny Ver. 2nd

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From the anime series 'IS <Infinite Stratos>' comes a 1/4th scale figure of the IS Representative Candidate of Germany, Laura Bodewig dressed up in a bunny girl outfit! Her bunny outfit is a sexy black
one ideal for the commander of 'The Black Hare Squad'! The net stockings make use of real material for an authentic appearance and texture on the figure. The other heroines in the series are also planned to join the series at a later stage, allowing you to display them altogether to bring out the Infinite Stratos universe in your collection! Be sure to add the new IS bunny girl series to your
Item code: F29606
IS <Infinite Stratos>
© Izuru Yumizuru, OVERLAP/Project IS

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