illustration by Tony Alphamax Dai-Yu STD Ver.

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popular illustrator Tony draws a pretty girl, [Dai- Yu], becomes a 1/6 scale figure .
Innocent facial expression and 2 pattern face parts of fine smile smiled a shy is included, costume skirt also two types of with the long version and the mini skirt you can sort.
A beautiful scarlet pedestal that reproduces the world view further enhances the charm, and you can enjoy it in any way you like
by wearing erhu parts and fan parts as you like. Please enjoy Dai- Yu wearing a delicate and gorgeous cheongsam at hand.
size 1/6 scale Height: about 28.5cm
form painted PVC Folding fan parts included,
facial expression parts included, musical instrument parts included, replacement arm parts included, 
skirt parts included, musical instrument installation base included, pedestal included, original picture post card included prototype teacher, EGG
Item Code: 1149-AX
illustration by Tony
© Tony

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