Houtengeki Original Character I.V.E Caress of Venus: Houtengeki Figure Collection -Elven Pillow- Lilly Relium

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"Lilly Relium" - an original elven character by Houtengeki!
Finally available for pre-order!
We're pleased to present "-Elven Pillow- Lilly Relium" - the second installment in a series of figures based on original illustrations by popular artist Houtengekin - "Caress of Venus: Houtengeki Figure Collection!"
An elven girl with porcelain skin. At a glance she's a vision of purity itself... But her languid half-naked state portends what is soon to be an indecent invitation.
Breast portion covered with a soft PVC material you can "lift up," and includes a majestic original display base to complete the fantasy!
PVC, ABS; fully painted and assembled
1/7 Scale
Item Code : IV47276
Houtengeki Original Character
© 方天戟
Updated Release Date: 2020-12
Pre-Order Deadline: 2019-11-28

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