ENDRO! HOBBY JAPAN Yusha Yulia Chardiet Limited Version : W / B3 size Microfiber towel  

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Completely reproduce the innocent Yusha! A little loose chest on the cute pretty pupils, peculiar thighs such as Yusha’s charm carefully modeled.

Fabrics featuring a cloth that wobbles fluffily from the chest tightly molded.

It is faithfully reproduced to the belt and decoration of each part as well as the armor part. The sword which is the proof of the brave also uses clear parts to stick to the texture.

To the base which imaged the play, it is becoming a fulfilling specification that accompanies Chibi dragon! In addition, the skin part is subjected to smooth skin processing, and her silky skin is reproduced! Limited Version will bundle the original B3 size Microfiber towel!!

Please don’t miss Yusha!!


1/7 scale 22.5 cm

Item Code: SP354 LTD



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