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Kotobukiya is proud to present a brand new Block Base that will transform the construction scenes of Hexa Gear.
In addition to panel units, this set contains a newly sculpted “Crane Unit”, “Girder Unit”, and “Running Rail Unit”. Combined with the included 75mm×150mm wall and floor base plates, users can create a base or factory with a crane using this kit alone.
Model Specifications:
■ The "hoist" of the Crane Unit uses real metal chains, and cargo can be transported up and down using the included rod.
■ The Crane Unit can slide horizontally or vertically by attaching to the Girder Unit and Running Rail Unit. Multiple Girder Units and Running Rail Units can be connected together to fit your block base.
■ A hook and an eyebolt (a hanging ring) are included to attach items to the crane. The eyebolt is compatible with products that use a 3mm connection joint for users to hang onto the hook and suspend on the crane.
■ The Crane Unit can be displayed by itself or as part of heavy machinery using its 3mm connection point.
■ The size of the floor and wall panels are set at 75mm×150mm. Freely set the panels horizontally or vertically to create the stage of your choosing.
■ The included four types of attachments will allow you to be able to construct flooring and walls of your choosing, and also create barricades or multiple floors when using multiple attachments.
■ More possibilities are made possible for creating settings if you combine with the DX Head Quarters set, Panel Option A, and/or Lift Option A; all sold separately.
Included Items:
■ Crane Unit ×1
■ Girder Unit ×1 Set
■ Running Rail Unit ×1 Set
■ Rod ×1
■ Hook ×6
■ Eyebolt ×6
■ HEXA G-R.A.M. for Eyebolts ×6
■ HEXA G-R.A.M. ×6
■ String ×3
■ Floor Panel ×4
■ Wall Panel ×14
■ Joint A ×60
■ Joint B ×60
■ Joint C ×84
■ Joint D ×84
Item Number HG083

Release Date: 2022-01
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-05-22

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