Harmonia bloom Good Smile Company Edo Higan

Harmonia bloom Good Smile Company Edo Higan

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A blossom that heralds the end of spring. The next character to join Good Smile Company's doll brand "Harmonia bloom" is Edo Higan. Edo Higan features a jet black short hairstyle wig and Japanese-style makeup with lightly drawn eyebrows, striking red eyeshadow and sharp eyeliner. His glass eyes are a highly transparent gold color with flecks of gold, conjuring an image of cherry blossom pollen. Edo Higan's original outfit is based on a Japanese kimono and includes removable sleeves, a vest, and a gray striped shirt. Be sure to add this ephemeral and beautiful cherry blossom to your collection.
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Harmonia bloom

Release Date: 2023-04
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