Hades Project Zeorymer MODEROID Great Zeorymer (re-run)

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"Infernal Hades!" Now, behold... The TRUE Zeorymer's strength!
From "Hades Project Zeorymer" comes the first ever plastic model of Great Zeorymer! The plastic model stands at 15cm in height to the top of the head, going up to 20cm in height when equipped with its back unit. The model kit features runners separated into different colors, and also includes decals and pre-painted parts, so all it takes is a simple assembly to recreate the mecha from the series. It's Infernal Hades and J-Kaiser attacks can be recreated. The missile hatches on its legs can be displayed opened.
PS&ABS assemblable plastic model kit. Not to scale. Approximately 150mm in height (to top of head) when built.
Item Code : G11331
Hades Project Zeorymer
© ちみもりを・AIC ライツ
Updated Release Date: 2021-10
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-02-16

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