Girls' Frontline Aoshima Girls' Frontline 1/7 K2

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  From the popular game "Girls' Front Line" comes a 1/7th scale figure of K2. This time, she's been sculpted in a pose that's been arranged based on an illustration of her being hit by a bullet. The contrast between her dark hair and the heavy metallic luster is very cute. You can enjoy every inch of her curvaceous beauty that can be seen through the torn ribbon and damaged stockings. Her panicked expression and full, beautiful skin are also very attractive.
・Her hair is swept up and her panicked expression is very cute!
・The beautiful skin just spilling out from her torn clothes!
・The torn stockings are also very attractive.
・Every little thing is carefully made!
ATBC-PVC・ABS  Painted figure model ・scale 1/7・Height:220mm
Item Code : AO10590
Girls' Frontline
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Release Date: 2021-08
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-03-20

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