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HOBBY JAPAN is collaborating on an ultimate project with Nitroplus. That is "Gilgamesh Knight".  *Character is designed by Tsuji Santa (Nitroplus) and Mechanic designed by Ishiwata Makoto (Nitroplus Arts)
The second figure is “Toka Imiki (忌寸刀羽華(いみき とうか)) ”,
Master modeling and Paint finish work by ALTER.
This is excellent figure is so cute and sexy. Her posing is very very impressive but unaffected! Please do not miss this and high volume figure and complete “Gilgamesh Knight”.
23cm  1/8 scale
Sculptor: Tanaka☆Senu(ALTER)
Item Code: SP278
Hobby JAPAN (Manufactured by AMAKUNI)
Gilgamesh Knight
©Daisuke Haneta・HOBBY JAPAN/Nitroplus

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