Getter Robo FREEing Dynamic Change R Getter Robo: Limited Edition

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A new addition to FREEing's Dynamic Change series - Getter Robo with realistic proportions! The set includes the three Getter Machines red Eagle, white Jaguar and yellow Boar and all can transform just as they did in the series allowing you to recreate Getter-1, Getter-2 and Getter-3!
Certain parts of the figures make use of metallic parts giving a high-quality, heavy feel to the figures to show off their quality. They are also fully articulated allowing for action poses in all the different forms! Be sure to add the ultimate evolution of the Getter Robo to your collection!! Change Getter!!!
The Limited Edition also includes a Getter Machine Gun and a special hand to hold it!
Painted ABS/Diecast complete product. Not to scale. Approximately 80mm x 95mm in width (Getter Machines). Approximate Heights: Getter 1 - 195mm / Getter 2 - 182mm /Getter 3 - 105mm /Getter 3 - 105mm
Item Code : F29702
Getter Robo
© 永井豪・石川賢/ダイナミック企画

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