FRAME ARMS Kotobukiya JX-25F/RC Ji-Dao EA (Re-Run)

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JX‐25F/RC Ji‐Dao EA is an upgraded version of JX‐25F Ji‐Dao created by Liberta. The model uses several parts that were tested during the lunar wars, lowering the machine’s mobility but strengthening its electronic warfare capabilities.
JX‐25F Ji‐Dao joins the battle with a new color scheme and updated weapons. Like the original JX‐25F Ji‐Dao, the additional units that create Ji‐Dao EA were designed by Kou Inaba. This model kit is highly compatible with Kotobukiya’s other original model kits, giving you extra bang for your buck.

The EA version of Ji‐Dao has an updated color scheme, giving it a fresh appearance.
The head and shoulders are based on a new design.
In addition to the long rifle “IR‐M13SG” and the slash shield, this updated version of Ji‐Dao has a new handgun MWC‐18PR and two large‐scale shoulder units.
The barrel of MWC‐18PR can be dismantled and used as a head unit.
The guns and blades on the back of the shoulder units are poseable.
This multi‐colored kit is easy to assemble with no paint required.
The kit includes hand parts that were designed with extra stability for holding the weapons.
The base of the model uses the Frame Architect Renewal Ver.
The base frame is pre‐assembled and made of polystyrene.

*The Frame Architect in this set does not include the head or toe parts.
*This kit does not include the head parts for the original JX‐25F Ji‐Dao.

1/100 PS・PE
250mm 9.84in
Item Code: FA094

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