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Kotobukiya continues their Frame Arms line of customizable Plastic Model kits with Jidao!Jidao consists of 200 parts molded in pre-colored plastic and features 30 points of articulation, providing for an array of posing optionsJidao stands 16cm/6.3 inches tall, and looks great in his olive drab and grey color schemeCompatible with Kotobukiya Modeling Support Goods and other Frame Arms armaments and weapons.
Each Frame Arm Robot comes with various interchangble parts allowing the users to have a wide range of playability. You can have fun changing the outside armor with other Frame Arm Robot models. Compatible with Kotobukiya Original M.S.G series. You can combine M.S.G parts onto the 3mm connector holes on the body of the armour.    The international military alliance "NATIA" (North Atlantic Ocean Tactics Evolution Aggregate), a subsidiary organization of  NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), has been seeking a new weapon system format. In 2019 each nation's Armed Forces Department, led by the United States Armed Forces, announced "Human Type Multi Purpose Standard Frame Drive- Frame Architect Design". By creating a universal “Frame Drive” or Frame Architect, each country could develop various outside weapons and armor quickly while largely holding down production cost   Although each country had their own original development skills, the Frame Drive’s universality was common for all, thus knowledge and skills could easily be shared allowing the Weapon performance to drastically improve.
Item Code: FA051
1/100 6.30 in 160 mm


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