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Kotobukiya’s Frame Arms Girl is a spinoff series that combines the Frame Arms plastic model kits with the anime bishoujo aesthetic. Next up in the Frame Arms Girl line is Architect Gun Metallic Ver.!
Architect is based on the Frame Arms model of the same name, designed by Takayuki Yanase, and an anime-style illustration by Fumikane Shimada. This new version of Architect is modeled after the Gunmetal color scheme of Frame Architect.
Product Specifications:
The parts are made of colored plastic in a "gunmetal" scheme that is familiar from the Frame Arms series.
This model has the same pop-out shoulder joints as Innocentia, giving it a wider range of flexibility.
This updated version of Architect includes parts to attach moveable knee joints.
The kit includes three types of face parts: looking forward, looking right (based on the original concept art), and looking left with an aloof expression. The face parts are all pre-painted for easy assembly.
The model kit comes with two colors of hair parts.
The model includes elbow joints that are compatible with the forearms from the Frame Arms Architect.
The left and right arms and legs are equipped with 3mm connection ports, and the knees also come with attachments that allow you to extend the legs.
The kit comes with five sets of PVC hands and wrist joints that are compatible with the existing Frame Arms Girl models.
The kit comes with a left arm and leg that allow you to recreate Architect’s appearance in the concept art (the elbow and knee joints for these parts do not move).
The skirt is moveable, giving the hips a wider range of movement.
The connection point for the base can be moved up and down.
The 3mm connection ports on the model’s back and calves are compatible with euipment from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.
The model’s heels are moveable, giving it more stability when standing.

180 mm 7.08 in.
Item Number KP63

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