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"You're going to pamper me, yes?"
Based on an original illustration by artist Nemunemu of "Mao-kun" wearing a provocative cat-ear costume!
The recreation of his healthy and glistening youthful physique has been directly overseen by Nemunemu for utmost authenticity.
In addition to genitals with and without condom, an "Enimagra" and "Tail Plug" have been included as optional parts.
Leaning on a heart shaped cushion and looking wistfully your way, thoroughly enjoy displaying Mao-kun any way that suits your fancy.
PVC, ABS, polyester; fully painted and assembled 1/4 scale figure
Total Height: 25.5cm (30cm w/ cushion)
Heart cushion, Enemagra, tail plug and interchangeable genital parts are included.
Item Code : BG60025
Fetish BOY
© ネムネム

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