Fate/kaleid liner Prime 1 Studio PRISMA WING Prisma Illya Illyasviel von Einzbern

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With Prime 1 Studio’s new line-up, PRISMA WING is all about showcasing all your favorite characters from manga, anime, andvideo games! We are excited to announce an all-new PVC figure that many of you have been waiting for!
Give a warm welcome to Illyasviel von Einzbern, also known as Illya, the cute homunculus protagonist of the anime, Fate/kaleidliner!
Presenting herself in a truly adorable pose to match with her smooth skin and shining eyes, her feminine beauty is unlike anythingelse! We recreated her just like how we all know and love from the anime! Put it all together and we’ve got the energetic, cheerful,and happy Illya!
You’ll find it impossible to resist her glittering, pink dress! And we didn’t forget her sparkling Magic Wand wielded firmly by her lefthand. This figure just shines pure energy and will definitely put a smile on your face!
The base is special too! It’s as if she’s floating on a cherry-blossom themed pedestal, elevating the figurine’s brilliance and grace to awhole new level.
We were all enchanted by this figure, and so can you! Bring the Magic from the Fate/kaleid liner World directly to your home with your very-own Illya!

[Product Specifications]
・FigureSize approximately 7.8 inches tall [H:20cm W:15cm D:18cm]
・PVC - figure base included
Item Number PWFKL-01P
7.8 inches tall [H:20cm W:15cm D:18cm
Carton Quantity 6
Fate/kaleid liner

Release Date: 2023-06
Pre-Order Deadline: 2022-05-04

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