Fate/Grand Order HOBBY JAPAN Caster/Helena Blavatsky Limited Version

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“I will tell you everything. If you survived.”

"From ""Fate / Grand Order"", Caster / Elena Blavatsky appeared from AMAKUNI!
This figure is reproduced in the third second - coming on Lemuria style.
Carefully shaped from the characteristic coat and cute thighs to knee socks and cute salute poses.
The hat can be removed and attached as you like.
In addition to the usual cute winking face, facial expressions that gently smile are included.
By selecting the face what you like, you can reproduce Elena with rich expression.
A book (secret doctrine) and an automatic doll of Colonel Alcott are included, and it is structured to feel so much Mahatma.
And more, the limited version for masters who want to feel more Mahatma!
An unidentified flying object that appears when the treasure tool ""Sanat Kumāra"" activated is included!
It is a specification which can be displayed with Helena in order to take a step to Mahatma.
Please welcome cute Elena who became a figure and feel Mahatma at hand.
* The stick that supports the automatic doll and A book (secret doctrine) will be a transparent stick in the product.
H21cm 1/7 scale
Sculptor i-con(aiirosorairo)
Item Code: SP381
Fate/Grand Order
Updated Release Date: 2021-01

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