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ConoFig, the figure series that’s “just the right size,” proudly presents Caster/Altria Caster from Fate/Grand Order! For those of you who love figures and even those of you who’ve only bought trinkets, comes the non-scale figure that’s “just the right size.” Finally, something that won’t get in the way at an affordable price. ConoFig, the new figure series only from Aniplex! “Just the right size” yet exceptional quality. While the size and price may be modest, the quality and care that go into making these figures are anything but! “Just the right size” on the palm of your hand, these figures were created with the same level of attention to detail as any scale figure. Meticulously made to highlight even the most delicate features, ConoFig is the figure series you can enjoy on a whim while admiring the minute details! The line-up continues to grow! Be on the lookout for more ConoFig products coming soon!
SKU AOA-87260M
Case 12
Fate/Grand Order

Release Date: 2025-02
Pre-Order Deadline: 2023-07-11

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