Fate/Grand Order Aniplex Assassin/Koyanskaya of Light 1/7 Scale Figure

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"Thank you for your request. I, Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya, will take on this task with all my heart ♡" From the popular smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order comes Assassin/Koyanskaya of the Light's first appearance in figurine form! The figurine has carefully recreated Koyanskaya's devious expression. Her iconic glasses were crafted using transparent materials. Extra attention was given to the figure's detailed textures, from the slick surface of her bodysuit to the fluffiness of her tail. We hope you will enjoy this beautifully proportioned Koyanskaya figurine.
Manufacturer Aniplex
Series Fate
SKU AOA-87258M
Case 6
Fate/Grand Order

Release Date: 2025-01
Pre-Order Deadline: 2023-04-10

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