Fate/Grand Order AMAKUNI HOBBY JAPAN Saber Beni-enma

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The landlady who runs the sparrow's inn, Enma-tei from "Fate/Grand Order Saber / Beni-Enma appeared from AMAKUNI!
In her first reincarnation as the landlady, she is sculpted holding a rice bowl and a rice ladle and serving rice with the words "eat a lot".
The sparrow hat and the cooking suit of the landlady, as well as the pattern of the sleeves, ”Suzume Jyukketsu” flying around her, and the sparrows peeking out from the inside are all adorable.The sparrows peeking out from the inside of the doll are reproduced in fine detail on a pedestal modeled after a cute basket.
The figure of Beni-Enma herself has been sculpted in the image of her slender body working as hard as she can.
Her expression is a spirit of service, and the image of a smile full of confidence as a landlady We produced it.
Beni-Enma is a serious and hard-working Landlady of Enma-tei.
Please enjoy the thoughtfulness of Enma-tei at your hand.
Size 1/7 scale 25cm(inc. Base)
Sculptor Mishima
Reference No. SP448
Qty. per carton 4 Pcs
Fate/Grand Order

Release Date: 2024-06
Pre-Order Deadline: 2023-03-14

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