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From the original anime film 'Expelled from Paradise' comes an action
figure of the new-generation exoskeleton powered suit 'NEW ARHAN'! The
figure transforms from its ovoid storage form into humanoid form
without needing to interchange for replace any parts, creating a true
transforming action figure of NEW ARHAN.
All the proportions and details of the original design not been
compromised in any way for the transformation, creating a faithful and
detailed figure for fans to enjoy in their collection. Additionally,
various weapon parts that appeared in the film are also included as
optional parts, allowing you to recreate dynamic combat scenes with
the figure as well!

GOOD SMILE ARMS is a new articulated figure series from Good Smile
Company based on the theme of 'mecha', with a focus on preserving the
intricate, sharp designs of mecha and other robotic designs while
still allowing great freedom of posing though careful articulation.
All the painting skills GSC has acquired though years of working on
figures will also be put to use in the series, allowing for colors and
textures that suit the detailed sculpting, and bring out the unique
presence of mecha designs. The series will also be a larger scale
compared to most articulated mecha figures, and will feature robots
from not only anime, but also from various games and other media. We
hope you'll look forward to the upcoming line-up!
Item code: G90066
Expelled from Paradise

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